version 0.8.x

Preferences change the way Spaz looks, feels and works. Once you've made changes to any of the settings, click "Save Preferences" to ensure the changes are remembered.

Account Information


Enter your Twitter username and password. Spaz needs them so it can post and receive Twitter updates. They're saved (securely) so you don't have to re-enter it every time.

Service URLs

Spaz can post to Twitter,, or other services with Twitter-compatible APIs. Use the drop-down box to select a preset and the API and WWW URLs are updated accordingly. If you need to, you can update the API and WWW URLs manually. (Most users don't need to change this)

Disable direct posting

Ticking this box means that your tweets will not be posted to Twitter/ Use this if you only want your tweets sent through Ping.FM.

Other Services


Ping.FM is a service that makes updating your social networks easy. By using Ping.FM, your Twitter updates can be sent to Facebook, MySpace, Jaiku, tumblr and a host of other services. If you'd like your updates to go through Ping.FM, register with them then fill in the items below:

  • app key: When you register with Ping.FM they give you a "key" to uniquely identify you. Click on "Find" to take you to Ping.FM, login if necessary, click on the key itself (which copies to the clipboard), then return to Spaz and paste it in.

  • Enable posting: Tick to allow Spaz to post to Ping.FM.

  • Post @replies: Tick if you'd also like replies to be posted to Ping.FM. API is a link shortening service with community and analytical features. If you'd like to use the service, register with them then fill in the items below:

  • email address: Enter the email address you registered with

  • secret key: When you register with you can request a "key" to uniquely identify you. Click on "Get a key" to take you to, login if necessary, select the "Developers" section, copy the key to the clipboard, then return to Spaz and paste it in.

Image Hosting

  • Don't warn about password sharing: When you send a picture to an image hosting service through Spaz, you're warned your Twitter user/password will be sent to the service. If you don't want to see this warning, untick this preference.



User CSS

Lets you override parts of the currently loaded CSS, to add to or enhance the way that theme performs. (see [[User CSS Hacks|CSS Hacks]] for more information) There are two ways to attach User CSS:

  • Load from file: Click this button to choose a CSS file on your local computer.

  • Edit User CSS: Click this button to open a separate window in which ti enter User CSS.


Use the drop-down box to pick one of the pre-packaged themes. The theme is loaded immediately.


Affects how "see-through" Spaz is. 100% is not at all see-through, 0% is completely see-through (i.e. Spaz disappears!)

Use dropshadow

Determines whether dropshadow effects are displayed.


(This is a Mac OSX-only feature.)

Spaz can display a "number of unread items" badge in the OSX Dock, like Apple Mail.

Display unread badge

Tick if you want to see the badge.

Unread badge color

Lets you select the color of the badge.

Unread badge shape

Lets you select the shape of the badge.


Spaz can show display new tweets as temporary notification windows, even if Spaz is not in the foreground. These windows appear briefly then fade away.

Show notifications

Tick if you'd like to see notifications.


"Internal" means notifications are handled by Spaz itself. "Growl" means Spaz passes notifications to the Growl service. Note that Growl integration is not automatic. It is experimental and requires some coding to make it work.


Determines where on the screen notifications appear.

Other options

Parse Markdown

Tick if you want tweets to be parsed through Markdown. Markdown is a "lightweight markup scheme", a way of putting things like bold text into a text message. You can find out more about Markdown at the official Markdown site.

Minimize to Systray

When ticked, minimizes Spaz to the System Tray rather than the Task Bar (when you click the Minimize button). See this Wikipedia article about the Task Bar for info about System Trays and Task Bars.

These are Windows-specific terms, although MacOS and Linux have the same concepts. What should I call them?

Minimize in background

When ticked and you switch to another application, causes Spaz to automatically minimize to the Task Bar or System Tray (depending on the Minimize to Systray setting).

Restore in foreground

When Spaz is made active by the user, it will restore from a minimized state.

Scroll to first new item on refresh

Tick if you'd like Spaz to automatically return to the top of the tweet list (the most recent ones) every time it finds new entries.

Wraparound keyboard nav.

When Spaz reaches the beginning or end of the list of messages, it goes no further. Tick if you'd like it to wrap-around (that is, if you reach the beginning of a list and move backwards, you go to the end of the list, and vice versa.)


Play sounds

Tick if you want Spaz to play sounds, untick if you don't. Spaz plays sounds when:

  • it starts up
  • it closes down
  • new tweets are received
  • you send a tweet
  • you send a "twoosh" (a tweet of exactly 140 characters)

Wilhelm can scream

when you send a "twoosh", [[FAQ|Wilhelm screams]]! If you want the sounds but don't want the Wilhelm, untick this box.


Check on startup

Tick if you want Spaz to check for a new version of itself every time it starts. This will check only for stable versions.

Check for test versions

Tick if you want Spaz to check for a new non-stable (experimental) version of itself every time it starts. Experimental versions are announced on the Spaz User Group along with a list of changes / fixes.

Check Now

Click this button to have Spaz check for a new version right now.


Refresh interval

Spaz checks for Twitter updates every so often; this preference controls how often it checks. The default is 3 minutes.

Get rate from Twitter

Click this button to have Spaz set the Refresh interval by asking Twitter how many requests per hour are allowed.

Auto-adjust refresh interval

Tick if you want Spaz to automatically get the rate per hour, and set the Refresh interval, every time it starts.

Enable HTTP auth handling

If you are using a proxy that requires HTTP BASIC authentication, you may need to enable this option to enter your proxy username and password.



Tick if you want to turn on trace mode in Spaz. Trace mode dumps information about internal processing to a file called "spaz-debug.log". The file is created in your "documents directory". On Windows, this is the My Documents directory. On Mac OS, it is /Users/userName/Documents.


Click this button dump Spaz's main HTML document to disk. Like the trace, this can be very useful for diagnosing problems. When you click, Spaz opens a file dialog so you can enter the name and location of the resulting file. Once it has a name, Spaz dumps the file and sends progress message boxes. It's not done until the "close stream" message box appears.