Why does Spaz complain that I'm over the request limit?

Behaving normally, Spaz will not send you over limit unless you frequently force manual refreshes.

Twitter accounts can send no more than 100 requests to the Twitter API per hour – yes, that's per account. If you're seeing this error, that's what happened. There are a number of possible reasons:

  • You are running multiple Twitter clients. Are you testing another Twitter client? Using a web service that requires you to log-in to Twitter? It might cause you to exceed the limit without meaning to. (This doesn't happen with the Twitter website, which bypasses the API entirely)

  • You really have exceeded the limit. This should only happen if you manually refresh a lot, using F5 or SHIFT+F5. Try a more zen-like approach, and let Twitter come to you.

  • Twitter is borked. We've seen some behaviors where users get 400 errors right after starting Spaz, or hours after a rate limit block should have expired, and other developers report the same thing. You should contact Twitter support if you are certain it's not one of the above issues.

One suggestion that has worked for many people is to change your password. This will keep any apps you've forgotten about from making API calls, and sometimes seems to have "unstuck" users whose blocks weren't going away. If you change your password and the problem persists for more than a couple hours, contact Twitter support!