How Can I Participate in the Spaz Project?

Please also read our Statement of Purpose and our Diversity Statement first!!

Spaz always can use your help. You do not have to be a programmer. Even a commitment of half an hour a week would be great! If you're interested, contact us:

Where we host code

Note: We use git for version control. If you want to writ code for Spaz, you'll need to use git. We are happy to help you learn it! We recommend the Git Immersion site for learning git by doing.

All our code is hosted on GitHub. Currently there are four main projects:

All developer tickets and tracking is done at You need to be invited to start accepting tickets; all we need is an email address.

How you can contribute

Here's a quick rundown of areas you can contribute:

Spaz Mobile

  • JavaScript App dev: Web
  • JavaScript App dev: Palm webOS
  • UI/Design
  • Documentation and support
  • Testing

Spaz Desktop

  • JavaScript App dev
  • UI/Design
  • Moving from AIR to Titanium Desktop
  • Documentation and support
  • Testing


  • JavaScript library development
  • Platform-specific implementations:
    • webOS
    • Titanium Mobile
    • Adobe AIR
    • Titanium Desktop
  • Documentation for developers

Spaz Web APIs

  • PHP-based web API development
  • Documentation

User support