What's with the app's name? It's really offensive!!

The Spaz name and logo are intended to represent the classic nerd archetype of the 1980s. The character "Spaz" from the movie Meatballs is a good example.

I'm aware of the association "spaz" has for some in the UK, but certainly did not have it in mind when I named the app. Changing the name isn't something I'm interested in doing.

The support volunteers monitor the keyword "spaz" via Twitter search, and we simply don't see people using it as anything but a playful tease -- certainly not the slur it became for some in the 1980s UK. Our impression is that few people view the term that way, especially in the context of Twitter. We've also been contacted by many users in the UK and surrounding regions who have indicated that they don't consider the term offensive at all. So at worst, it seems like a limited issue for some folks in one region of the world.

If you like, you can change the auth_config.js file in a text editor and use your own registered consumer key and secret – that way no one will know you're running Spaz. You can also download and modify the source code as you wish.